Nikki Cross Vows To Become SmackDown Women’s Co-Champion, Defeats Carmella

During tonight’s SmackDown Live, Bayley once again attempted to speak some knowledge into Nikki Cross. As the two superstars met in the ring for the signing of the contract for Bayley and Alexa Bliss’ title match at Extreme Rules.

At the signing, Bayley once again urged Cross to reconsider her friendship with Bliss, noting that she was just being used. Once again, Cross wanted no part of it, and instead said that Bliss told her that if she defeats Bayley, she will crown herself and Cross co-SmackDown Women’s Champions.

After the contentious signing, Cross still had a match to take part in, and during it, she picked up a ton of momentum by taking down Carmella right in front of Bayley. In the short match, Cross continued to flash a ton of potential, and made short work of Carmella prior to the handicap match next weekend.

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