Booker T Clears The Air On Starrcast III Story, Says Reports About Nixed Appearance Are ‘Straight Up Lies’

Booker T took to the airwaves to set the record straight about his nixed Starrcast III appearance, as well as calling reports of him backing out of AEW’s All Out “straight up lies.”

Booker went on his “The Hall of Fame” show with Brad Gilmore to talk about the recent situation regarding him pulling out of Starrcast III. The two-time Hall Of Famer clarifies via text messages with Conrad Thompson (shown on screen in the video below) that he had no idea that he agreed to do Starrrcast, only the August 31 date in Chicago. Booker says he was not aware that it was also the headline event taking place the same weekend as AEW All Out. Despite Starrcast not being officially associated with AEW, Booker said after Starrcast II he didn’t think it was right for him to be working for WWE and at the same time, attending Starrcast.

“But I do remember after Starrcast you [Brad] and I talking and I said I wasn’t gonna do Starrcast next time, just because. Just didn’t think it was right for me to be working for WWE and being at Starrcast.

This is the way it went: Conrad, he texted me a date that he wanted me to do an autograph signing, that autograph signing was August 31. That date was in Chicago. He told me all of that, but what he didn’t tell me is that it was Starrcast. I didn’t know it was Starrcast. I didn’t find out it was Starrcast until Brad, you text me and said, ‘Hey Booker, you doing Starrcast?’ and I said, ‘No I’m not doing Starrcast’ [Brad says] ‘Well they’re advertising you.’ Immediately I put a tweet out and said that I wasn’t going to be doing Starrcast just because I did not know that the Conrad booking was Starrcast because he did not say that it was Starrcast he said an autograph signing.”

“Now Dave Meltzer, the Meltzer report—which is a bunch of crap—he put out a story and the story was accurate in some parts as far as me talking to Conrad about that booking on that date, but that date, I’m not gonna say was never mentioned one time in text or mention that it was Starrcast. WWE had zero, I mean zero to do with me not doing that booking. They did not pull me from it, as well as WWE is not scrambling to find someone else because it was never a WWE booking. I was never supposed to be at Starrcast from the beginning.”

Booker added that he’s not sure where Meltzer got his information, but went on to confirm that he does believe AEW versus WWE is a war, and doesn’t want to be stuck in the middle of it.

He also responded to Meltzer’s report specifically mentioning Booker had backed out of appearing at ‘All Out’, which is separate from Starrcast itself. (Meltzer later responded to Thompson’s comment about the inaccurate report, calling his initial comments an “obvious” reference to Starrcast and not All Out)

“As far as me being at All Out, me pulling out of events, I challenge you guys. I challenge you guys, the listeners, get that information from Dave Meltzer, make him produce that information as far as me being a part of All Out because all of that is straight up lies. It’s just his delusional mind working. My thing is this man, if anybody subscribes to the Meltzer report man, literally you gotta take a look at yourself. I’m putting it out there right now, all of it is false as far as me ever being approached to be at Starrcast and that’s it.”