Shane McMahon And Drew McIntyre Defeat Roman Reigns and A Disguised Cedric Alexander

Before Roman Reigns teams with the Undertaker at Extreme Rules, the Big Dog had join forces with a partner to take on Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre on RAW this week. To make matters interesting, McMahon and McIntyre chose Reigns’ partner, who turned out to be Gary Garbutt, who put up a fight but fell victim to a Claymore Kick. McMahon pinned Garbutt for the win. Reigns stood tall after the match and Garbutt took his mask off to reveal that he was actually Cedric Alexander.


The dastardly duo insulted the Big Dog before the match before revealing the identity of Reigns’ partner: Gary “the G.O.A.T.” Garbutt, who came to the ring in a jumpsuit and a mask. Reigns started the match but Garbutt eventually tagged in and took both his oipponents down with some hard strikes. He even dove over the top rope onto McIntyre. But a Claymore Kick floored Garbutt and McMahon pinned him for the win.

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