WWE RAW Results (7/8/19)

Backstage, Corbin and Evans mock Lynch and Rollins.

In-Ring Segment: Paul Heyman

Heyman says Brock Lesnar is going to cash in Money in the Bank this Sunday at Extreme Rules. Lesnar is going to cash in on Rollins or Kofi Kingston.

2-Out-of-3 Falls Match: The Miz and The Usos vs. Elias and The Revival

Jey and Dawson start the match. Dawson lands a shoulder tackle Dawson traps Jey in the corner. Elias tags in and pounds on Jey in the corner. Miz pulls Elias off the apron. Miz sends Elias into the barricade over and over again. Elias runs up the ramp. As Miz is distracted, the Revival hit the Shatter Machine on Jey to claim the first fall.

The Miz and The Usos- 0 Elias and The Revival-1

The match restarts after the break. Elias is gone. Dawson and Wilder continue working over Jimmy.  Jey tags in and clears the ring. Jimmy walks into a brainbuster by Dawson. Jimmy tags in Miz. Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Dawson for the pin.

The Miz and The Usos- 1 Elias and The Revival-1

Jey hits a splash on Wilder for the third and final fall.

The Miz and The Usos- 2 Elias and The Revival-1

Winner- The Miz and the Usos

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