MLW Kings Of Colosseum Results (7/6/19): Tom Lawlor Vs. Jacob Fatu

MLW Kings of Colosseum Results 

Aired July 6, 2019 

Report by Colin Tessier for

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Rich Bocchini and Jim Cornette welcome viewers to the show and preview the card.

The Star Spangled Hammer Challenge: Alexander Hammerstone vs. Kotto Brazil

MLW National Openweight Alexander Hammerstone comes to the ring accompanied by the Dynasty. Hammerstone brags about how he’ll be a great champion and his challenge is answered by Kotto Brazil. The challenger uses his speed to gain some early momentum. But Hammerstone’s power rocks Brazil and the champion seizes control. Hammerstone lifts Brazil and tosses him across the ring. Brazil flips out of a suplex but Hammerstone counters him and slams him down.

Brazil dodges a boot and plants Hammerstone with a satellite DDT. A diving dropkick takes the champion town and Brazil nails a frog splash for a one count. Hammerstone plants Brazil with a superplex and nails him with a Nightmare Pendulum for the win.

Winner and still MLW National Openweight Champion: Alexander Hammerstone

After the match, Hammerstone celebrates with the Dynasty and wears an American Flag like a cape. MJF grabs a microphone and praises Hammerstone’s greatness. MJF also insults the audience and the Hart Foundation.

Backstage Simon Gotch says Jacob Fatu is going to beat Tom Lawlor tonight before the MLW World Heavyweight Champion himself attacks Gotch. Lawlor says that the door will close on CONTRA tonight.

A hype video previews MLW’s upcoming PPV SuperFight.

Myron Reed (with Jordan Oliver) vs. Rey Horus

Reed goes down after a single leg dropkick. He steps out of the ring for a moment before locking up with Horus, who drops Reed with a hurricanrana. Oliver grabs Horus’ ankle and distracts him, which allows Reed to hit his opponent with a kick to the head. Oliver stomps Horus with the referee distracted. Horus hits a springboard arm drag and sends Oliver over the top rope. The referee stops Horus from diving onto Reed and Oliver and Horus dives over the referee to do so anyway.

Reed nails Horus with a dropkick but Horus plants him with a guillotine leg drop. A modified stunner drops Horus and a springboard 450 splash gets Reed a near fall. The two men exchange strikes and Horus hits a Spanish fly for a two count. Horus kicks Oliver off the apron and Reed capitalizes on the distraction by hitting Horus with a springboard uppercut for the win.

Winner: Myron Reed

Reed and Oliver attack Horus after the match.

In a backstage interview, Teddy Hart and Davey Boy Smith Jr. respond to the Dynasty’s challenge to a match for the MLW World Tag Team Championship. Smith accepts under the condition that it’ll be a ladder match where Brian Pillman Jr. will help the Hart Foundation defend the titles. Pillman says he’ll make his family, his father and the Hart Foundation proud.

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