Kenta Makes Kota Ibushi Go To Sleep In G1 Climax Night 1 Co-Main Event

KentaKenta and Kota Ibushi put on quite a show during tonight’s G1 Climax, and with both superstars looking to make it far in the tournament, it was Kenta who came away with a crucial victory. During the match, the two men looked very evenly matched, and the two traded various slams and punches before things started to lean in Ibushi’s direction thanks to landing a power slam and moonsault on Kenta. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough, and Kenta kicked out and began to gain the upper hand.

Towards the end of the match, both men continued to trade powerful strikes, but Kenta proved to have too much stamina. After landing a series of kicks to Ibushi’s head, Kenta got a near fall on Ibushi. Unsatisfied with the result, Kenta then landed the Go to Sleep on Ibushi, knocking him out for the victory.

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