Zack Sabre Jr. Gets Beat At His Own Game By Sanada, Attacks Referee

Tonight’s G1 Climax match between Zack Sabre Jr. and Sanada was an incredible one, as both wrestlers seemed very intent on showing off their technical prowess in the match. Unfortunately for Sabre, it was Sanada who managed to defeat him at his own game, and steal a key victory at the beginning of the tournament.

With both superstars going at it from the start, Sabre made sure to remind the crowd of why he’s such an expert, locking Sanada into a ton of different holds and submissions throughout the match. However, Sanada was not to be denied, and as the match wound down, he was able to land a neckbreaker on Sabre before locking him into a Skull End. While Sabre was able to get out of it, Sanada quickly pinned him afterwards, locking in the victory.

After the match, an angry Sabre took his frustration out on the referee, quickly grabbing the referee into a hold before being pried away by the crew. Despite a great match from the two, it was Sabre who got outclassed at the beginning of the G1 Climax.

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