Lance Archer Overpowers Will Ospreay, Bad Luck Fale Defeats EVIL At G1 Climax

Lance Archer Overpowers Will Ospreay

Lance Archer got his G1 Climax tournament off with a key victory, as he was able to take down NJPW superstar Will Ospreay. During the match, Archer did everything he could to try and take down Ospreay, including throwing him through a table outside of the ring. Although Ospreay had some chances to come away with the win, Archer was not to be denied, and locked in the Iron Claw to finish things at the end.

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Bad Luck Fale Defeats EVIL At G1 Climax

The match between Bad Luck Fale and Evil at G1 Climax was an incredible one, and started with fireworks nearly instantly. Both men quickly got to fighting with each other, and in a match that featured a ton of near pinfalls, it was Fale who came away with the victory. With the referee knocked down, Fale landed a low blow to Evil, and then avoided a chair shot to land a nasty slam for the win.