Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson Have Signed New Five Year Deals With WWE

It looks like The Club is really back in business. Per a WWE source speaking with sports writer Jon Alba on Twitter, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have resigned with WWE for the now-standard five-year deal.

Per a #WWE source, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson signed new five-year deals in the last 24 hours, with a significant raise. Others had reported it was done earlier this week, but source noted they didn’t even receive a contract until this past Monday.

Gallows and Anderson have been on TV for the past several weeks, the first time that’s happened in quite a while. After joining up with a newly heel AJ Styles, it’s tough to say whether they’ll stay in the spotlight after this current run or fade back into the background. Either way, they’ll be able to take advantage of significantly higher payouts for quite a while.

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