Sami Callihan Talks Rumors Surrounding IMPACT Wrestling’s TV Deal With AXS TV, Evolution From WWE To IMPACT

IMPACT Wrestling star Sami Callihan was recently interviewed by Sporting News to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Callihan discussed the rumors surrounding IMPACT Wrestling’s TV deal with AXS TV, and his own evolution from WWE to IMPACT Wrestling.

Here are the highlights:

Rumors surrounding IMPACT Wrestling’s TV deal with AXS TV:

(Cuts off the question) There sure are a lot of rumors going around right now. No one has said anything to us. I think once something happens; things are going to blow up. People want to s-t on our current situation. But us being on Twitch is a big thing. What people don’t realize is that we can do our own thing on Twitch. We can do our own thing on Pursuit. We have the freedom to do what we want and make the company what we want.

We don’t have network executives telling us what to do and what can and cannot do. On specific networks, we may not be able to do intergender matches with Tessa Blanchard. But we are going to be able to do it this Sunday at Slammiversary and change history.

His evolution from WWE to IMPACT:

I don’t feel like my d-k has been cut off. The days that stopped happening was when everything had changed for me. Throughout my career, I’ve been able to evolve and do different things. I never want my character to become stagnant. I’m not complacent doing one thing. Every couple of months, I want to do something that’s going to create a buzz that gets my name in people’s mouths. And I think I have done that.

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