Booker T To Set The Record Straight About Nixed Starrcast Appearance, Watch The G1 Climax Press Conference

Booker T To Set The Record Straight

Booker T says he will be setting the record straight about recent reports that he ‘pulled out’ of Starrcast III in Chicago this Fall.

Earlier this week, Starrcast had advertised Booker T as appearing at the event, but Booker spoke out shortly after the announcement and said he would not be at the convention. Starrcast removed ads and graphics promoting Booker from their site, but Dave Meltzer went on to report that Booker pulled out of the appearance due to the ‘WWE vs. AEW war.’ Meltzer said Booker’s reasoning for not appearing was because of the ‘very real’ war between the two companies, and he didn’t want to be in the middle of things.

Booker and Starrcast promoter Conrad Thompson have both spoken out about Meltzer’s report, saying that it was inaccurate. Booker says he’ll address the report within the next 24 hours.

G1 Climax Press Conference

The following video is the complete G1 Climax Press Conference from Dallas, Texas. New Japan Pro-Wrestling will kick off the 29th G1 tournament tomorrow night at the American Airlines Center in Dallas: