Booker T On Being Honored By His Local Community, What He Tries To Instill In Tomorrow’s Stars

Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Booker T recently spoke with Wrestlezone’s Kevin Kellam ahead of this weekend’s ‘Deep Impact’ event co-promoted by Booker’s Reality Of Wrestling and IMPACT Wrestling.

Booker and Brad Gilmore (of Reality Of Wrestling and The Hall Of Fame Podcast) are being honored today by the city of Friendswood, Texas and Mayor Mike Foreman. Booker has had a very decorated career that includes being a two-time WWE Hall Of Fame and multiple championships, but he spoke about what it means to him being honored like this by the community where he lives.

“I’ve also got my own day in the city of Houston as well, it’s pretty cool. For the city to recognize one of the hometown boys that’s done good and represented the city as well as been a role model for the young people that are coming up as well. It’s cliche, but I think we’re all put here for a reason, and for me to give back and set an example for young kids, knowing that they can do anything in life—especially a young African-American kid that didn’t finish high school and got locked up—it’s an inspiration that they can draw from and it’s definitely important for me.”

In addition, Booker also talked about working with IMPACT Wrestling on Saturday night’s Deep Impact event. Booker talked about how the company has changed since he’s been there, saying a number of organizations go through a transition period and IMPACT is no different. He sees the company in a good position to rebound and find their place in a boom period right now in wrestling.

“I think it’s just like any other organization or team like in football, basketball, baseball. You find yourself in a place where you have to re-gear or regroup yourself all over again and I think that’s where IMPACT is right now, trying to find their niche in this world of professional wrestling. The world of wrestling is huge. It’s as hot as it’s ever been and I think they’re not as big as they used to be, but they do have a chance to resurge and get back there because right now the door is pretty much wide open.”

Booker talked about his position in the wrestling world right now and said he’s looking to build the future, and one thing he tries to do is make sure the talent learns about psychology from him no matter what else makes them stand out.

“There’s so much talent all over the world right now and it’s really, really hard to judge what’s different about this guy or that guy. I try to look at these young guys and talk to them from a perspective of it’s their time in the world. What they make of the industry right now is what they’re going to remember when they get to be my age. I just try to tell them to please not miss out on what the makeup of the wrestling business has always been, and that’s going out there and giving the crowd a great, great show. A lot of times it’s a great payoff as far as the wrestling goes. I think that right there, the psychology of wrestling and making the fans feel—it’s so many guys out there and I just try to teach them that one aspect going forward in there careers and hopefully that might be the one thing that might help them in the long run.”

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