Brian Cage On Not Being 100% And Gameplan For Slammiversary, Moose Telling Him To Stay Focused

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Brian Cage was this week’s guest on the IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass podcast to promote his title defense against Michael Elgin at Sunday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view.

Earlier this week, Cage made a social media post comparing his ‘Terminator’ entrance gear to Kenny Omega’s, which caught some flack from Moose, who said Cage should be more focused on his matches. The IMPACT World Champion said it was nothing more than someone making noise for attention, and said Moose, his opponent at Friday’s Bash at the Brewery event in San Antonio, was just upset no one was talking about him.

“Moose is just upset because nobody is really talking about him, that’s all it really comes down to. Like I said in the response to his Tweet—don’t worry, everybody knows [Michael] Elgin has my attention.

This was a random Monday, Tuesday, whatever day of the week, but it’s not like my attention was elsewhere. I’ve actually had that picture stored in my phone to post actually for several months, I just kept forgetting about it. I just came across it so I posted it, but he just wanted to grab some attention because he knows—to no fault of RVD’s—but his match is not going to be the match that Elgin and I are going to have. No one’s going to be talking about his match after the pay-per-view, so he’s just trying to get his own stuff in but I’m not worried about it.”

In addition, Cage is coming back for this weekend’s shows in what will be one of his biggest tests since getting injured at IMPACT’s Rebellion show. Cage said despite not being 100% ready to go, he doesn’t see himself being more reserved because he might get hurt. He added that still being hurt might prevent him from pulling off certain moves, but he’s got a lot he can do to Michael Elgin, and thinks the fans might enjoy a good old fashioned fight instead.

“Not because of me being injured, but I might be reserved based on me still not being 100%. A lot of people guessed that I’m not still really certain how healthy I am, but I said no matter what that I’d be at Slammiversary. Just to put it out there—I’m still not 100%, and there are a lot of things that I still can’t do that I’d normally be able to do. I have a vast array of moves in my repertoire and I’m not concerned about it. As far as any sort of high-flying stuff, I might not be able to do as much with that, but I don’t know necessarily that I need to do any of that or if I’m even in that realm of thought. As of right now I just want to take it to him, and I think a lot of people just want to see a big hoss fight anyways.”

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