Nikki Cross Embraces The Idea As A GPS Voice, Searches For Alexa Bliss Post-SmackDown

Nikki Cross Embraces The Idea As A GPS Voice

Scott Fishman of Miami Herald fame went on Twitter to comment as to how he’d love Nikki Cross giving directions as a GPS voice and long time wrestling mastermind Lance Storm got “less serious for a moment” by doubling down on Fishman’s idea. Nikki Cross was not against said idea, but gave a warning to the two just in case this did get serious.

Cross Searches For Her Friend Alexa Bliss

After her loss to Bayley last night, Nikki Cross may have needed GPS for herself last night during SmackDown as she went through a bit of trouble trying to find her good buddy Alexa Bliss.

After a disappointing loss to Bayley, Nikki Cross can’t find her best friend.