Heavy Machinery Added To SmackDown Tag Title Match At Extreme Rules

Earlier on SmackDown, Shane McMahon made a tag team match between Heavy Machinery and the makeshift tag team of Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler. The winner of the bout would be inserted into the tag team championship match between The New Day & the current SmackDown WWE Tag Team Champs, Daniel Bryan and Rowan.

The match itself had plenty of stops and starts, quite literally. The match had to be restarted due to The New Day and Daniel Bryan & Rowan getting into a brawl during the bout. For the most part, Owens and Ziggler had some chemistry as the worked together to keep Tucker away from his tag partner. However, Tucker found his partner after taking a lot of damage and Otis started throwing around Ziggler inside the ring. “The Showoff” managed to get back to his partner and tagged in Owens, but some miscommunication led to Owens getting superkicked by his partner and then taking a Compactor from Heavy Machinery.

Now, Heavy Machinery will face off against Daniel Bryan & Rowan and The New Day at Extreme Rules.

After the match, Owens delivered a stunner to Ziggler and declared SmackDown his show.

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