WWE SmackDown Live Results (7/2/19)

Backstage, Daniel Bryan and Rowan are upset the title match is now a triple threat.

After the break, New Day says they aren’t happy but they are still going to become the five-time tag team champions.

Daniel Bryan w/Rowan vs. Big E. w/Xavier Woods

Bryan locks his arms around Big E.’s waist. Big E. gyrates before tossing Bryan clear across the ring. Bryan tries a shoulder block, which Big E. shrugs off. Big E. puts Bryan in an abdominal stretch. Big E. spanks Bryan. Bryan hits the ropes and runs into a gnarly lariat from Big E. that turns Bryan inside out. Bryan dropkicks Big E. in the knee. Bryan focuses his assault on Big E.’s surgically repaired knee. Big E. fires up and hits two suplexes. Big E. attempts a belly-to-belly but Bryan kicks Big E. in the knee again. Bryan hits the yes kicks. Big E. counters Bryan’s last kick into a belly-to-belly. Big E. lands a huge splash for a near fall. Big E. After a sneak attack by Rowan, Big E. walks right into the busaiku knee for the win.

Winner- Daniel Bryan

Backstage, R-Truth says he head Drake Maverick and his wife are in San Antonio tonight. Truth says he is going to get his baby back.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross are walking together. Bliss tells Cross she wants Cross to host “A Moment of Bliss” tonight. Cross says she can’t. Bliss convinces Cross she can do it.

A Moment of Bliss

Cross says she first wants to thank Bliss for letting her do this. Cross says she loves Bliss. Cross mentions that she has an accent so she is going to speak slowly so we can understand her. Cross welcomes Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley to the show. Bayley says she is impressed and surprised that Bliss is letting Cross shine tonight. Bayley says Cross doesn’t have to do Bliss’ bidding. Cross is here to ask the tough questions. Cross asks Bayley why she called Bliss a liar. Bayley says Bliss is a liar. Cross defends Bliss. Bayley asks Cross why she is facing Bliss at the PPV when Cross is the one who beat her and Carmella last week. Cross challenges Bayley to a match right now. Bayley accepts.

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