MLW Fusion Results (6/29/19): Lawlor Vs. Samael, Austin Aries In Action

MLW Fusion Results 

Aired June 29, 2019 

Report by Colin Tessier for

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In a taped segment, Josef Samael discusses his upcoming match with MLW World Heavyweight Champion Tom Lawlor and Jacob Fatu’s challenge for the title.

Rich Bocchini and Jim Cornette welcome viewers to the show before introducing Marshall and Ross Von Erich. The brothers discuss their alliance with Lawlor and their family values.

Adam Brooks vs. Austin Aries

The fans cheer for Aries, their hometown hero. Aries takes Brooks to the mat before exchanging holds with him. A-Double shows his expertise by beating Brooks at every turn. Brooks hits two dropkicks and chases his opponent to the outside. He continues to maintain control of the match with a superkick. Aries nails a shinbuster and hits Brooks with some knees. A diving elbow to the back of the head gets Aries a near fall and he drops Brooks with a neckbreaker in the ropes. Brooks nails a slingshot DDT but Aries locks in the Horns of Aries. A rope break stops the hold and Brooks continues to keep Aries on his toes. Aries drops Brooks on his head on the apron.

Brooks evades a 450 splash and Aries barely kicks out of a neckbreaker. Aries counters a Swanton Bomb and plants Brooks with a brainbuster for the win.

Winner: Austin Aries

After the match, in an interview, Aries takes the microphone and tells the crowd to keep cheering him. He says it feels good to be home and says he’s been working on things. Aries throws some insults at his former employer(s) and calls himself the last real magician of professional wrestling. He classifies himself as a middleweight and hints he’s coming for Teddy Hart’s title.

A video recaps the Dynasty’s attack on MLW World Tag Team Champion Teddy Hart last week. In another video, the Dynasty relaxes with the stolen MLW World Tag Team championship. Alexander Hammerstone tries to get a tan and Richard Holliday says he and MJF are the tag team champions.

In another taped video, Samael discusses CONTRA Unit’s feud with Lawlor and says Fatu will take Lawlor’s title next week. With a video package showing the events, Bocchini recaps last week’s main event between Lawlor & the Von Erichs and CONTRA Unit.

Jacob Fatu vs. Ariel Dominguez and Sam Black

Fatu immediately attacks both men and drops Black with a superkick. He hits an acrobatic moonsault on Black and demolishes Dominguez with a popup Samoan drop. Fatu stacks his opponents on top of each other and hits a moonsault on both men for the win.

Winner: Jacob Fatu

Samael and Simon Gotch help Fatu attack Black and Dominguez after the match. CONTRA Unit stands tall afterwards.

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