Michael Elgin On Moving Forward, Putting Past Allegations Behind Him

Michael Elgin posted the following remarks on Twitter, addressing past allegations made against him as well as saying he wants to move on in his life.

This coming weekend is the biggest opportunity of my career. But before that, I’m going to address something and finally be able to move past it. I’m taking my time to write all of it properly. But I will move past this once and for all. Thank you to all the supporters and people

Who have stood by me. I love each and everyone of you. To the people who turned their backs and decided that they wanted to gain traction by using my name, well you pushed me to make sure I got this resolved. I’m thankful the truth is all over the place now

Elgin will challenge Brian Cage for the IMPACT World Championship at Slammiversary this Sunday; he signed with IMPACT Wrestling in April after spending time a few years in Japan, which followed a lengthy tenure in Ring Of Honor from 2010 to 2016.

In 2017, he was accused of playing a role in covering up a sexual assault by one of his students, but a judge dismissed the case against Elgin (real name Aaron Frobel). His legal team issued a statement in February (seen below) following the decision, but Elgin says he posted the most recent remarks to finally move past it and wants to try and recoup some of what he lost as a result of the allegations.

Judge throws out claims of abuse filed against Michael Elgin.

Pleban & Petruska Law defended claims of “abuse” filed against Aaron Frobel, professionally known as Michael Elgin. Our client has always maintained the claims were false. Recently, it appears the court agreed when it dismissed the case in its entirety. The person who filed the claims of “abuse” presented all of her evidence to the judge during a hearing. Having heard all the evidence, on December 17, 2018, the judge dismissed the matter. Our client is happy to have these allegations of abuse finally decided by the court. He hopes the court’s dismissal puts this matter to bed once and for all.


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Note: Elgin had initially posted a lengthier statement, including where he recounted his side of the events in question, what contact he did or did not make with accuser and how it affected his personal life, but they have since been removed.