Eric Bischoff Announces He’s Moving To Stamford, CT & Talks New WWE Role

On the latest episode of 83 Weeks with Conrad Thompson, new Executive Director of SmackDown, Eric Bischoff took a moment at the end of the episode to make some comments about “the rumor and innuendo” of his new major role in WWE. He also announces that he, his wife Loree and his dog Nikki will be moving to Stamford, CT come the second week of July. Quotes from the podcast are below:

“I want to let everybody know, the magnitude of this opportunity and the challenge and the commitment that goes along with it, is not lost on me. There’s been a couple of times over the last few days when I’ve been driving around in my truck or taking my dog for a hike and going, ‘Wow.’ This maybe – it’s not maybe, this is the biggest opportunity I’ve ever had in this industry. Granted, when Bill Shaw made me president of WCW obviously that was a very big moment, but I was learning on the job there. I had nothing to lose there.

“In this situation, this is an entirely different ballgame here. This is a very sophisticated company in WWE, there is a great team already in place. They’re moving the SmackDown show to FOX network which will obviously have a lot eyeballs on it, in every way. So the magnitude of the opportunity is not lost on me.

Bischoff reveals he’s moving to Stamford, CT:

“I’m honored, I’m humbled and I cannot express, even here cause this is a different kind of excitement for me. I haven’t felt this way, maybe in forever, but for at least twenty years. This is a whole different ballgame and I honestly, Loree and I, and my dog Nikki, we’re going to load up our truck and we’re heading out to Stanford, probably on the 1oth or 11th of July. I mean literally we’re going out there with the clothes on our back and some of it in boxes, and we’re starting over from scratch and I’ve never been more excited. The opportunity at this stage in my life and in my career to be able to make a move like this is so…exciting doesn’t cover it. It’s thrilling and I just can wait.”

He continues after Conrad asks him about the move directly:

“Yeah, this is not a remote control kind of an opportunity here. This is a deep dive. This is I’m sure a 23/7 kind of a gig, This is not something I can do on my laptop remotely. This is the real deal.

Bischoff addresses if he’ll still stop doing “83 Weeks” with Conrad:

“Oh hell no! Hell no, that was one of the things that I was most concerned about going into this because I love doing this show.

“I feel more energized about the industry as a result of doing this show. I think both of those things probably had some impact, hard to quantify it, but probably had some impact on this entire process.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

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