Jon Moxley Wins Bloody AEW Debut, Gets Attacked By Kenny Omega After

Jon Moxley made his official All Elite Wrestling debut tonight against “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela. As one can expect from a bout being called “unsanctioned,” it was a violent and bloody affair between the two.

The match started with the two brawling in the crowd. Janela was able to get it back to ringside and then attacked “Mox” with a prosthetic leg. The former WWE Champion repaid the favor by slamming Janela onto a chair and elbowing his head. Moxley then brought out a chair covered in barbed wire and stomped it onto Janela’s chest.

“The Bad Boy” managed to turn the tides of the bout by using the same chair against Moxley, hitting him with it and slamming him onto the barbed wire. The two then proceeded to use tables as Janela used a Russian leg sweep and both went through one onto the floor. Moxley would then slam Janela into one set up against the turnbuckles. Moxley wasn’t done with tables as he then set up two more outside of the ring, which caused Janela to flick him off.

Moxley didn’t like that insult and began delivering ground and pound on his opponent. He then pulled out a barbed wire board and set it up against the corner. Janela would use this to his advantage as he put Moxley’s back through it. “The Bad Boy” went to extreme measures to try to win as he positioned Moxley on the tables outside, climbed a ladder inside the ring and landed an elbow drop on them.

Moxley would regain his senses and then threw Janela through the barbed wire-covered board. Moxley then brought out the thumbtacks and took off Janela’s shoe and tossed him into them. The ending came after Moxley hit his DDT finisher, called the Paradigm Shift, onto them.

After the match, Kenny Omega got revenge for Double or Nothing. He put Moxley through two tables, hit him with a mic stand, and threw him into a drum kit. He then hit him in the back with an electric guitar before temporarily leaving. As Moxley tried to exit, Omega re-entered with a garbage can and began to attack him again. He then DDT’d Moxley onto it as a warning before All Out.

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