Full Results: AEW Fyter Fest


JUNE 29, 2019 – DAYTONA, FL


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Private Party vs. Best Friends vs. SCU

SCU starts off hot and is over with the Daytona crowd. Mark Quinn does a blind hot tag and gets the crowd going with a fun sequence. Isiah Cassidy and Quinn get hot with Cassidy hitting an Asai Moonsault onto the outside. Starts up an “AE-Dub” chant that bleeds into a “Private Party” chant. Other teams get the upper hand that leads into boos. SCU do a double tornado DDT onto the outside onto Mark Quinn. Best Friends work on Cassidy in the ring until SCU attack, but the Best Friends clear them out of the ring and hug. Big “Best Friends” chant. Rocket Launcher into the ace crusher, but Isiah Cassidy kicks out. BFs continue to work on Cassidy as teams get situated on the apron. Commentary focusing on the little details of the match (not hooking leg, etc.)


Trent stops a tag attempt from Cassidy to Quinn.  Forces hi to tag Kazarian and SCU get hot. Quinn finally blind tags on Kazarian and then delivers a a very high Shooting Star Press. Private Party  and BFs going at it. BFs almost win but it gets broken up by SCU.


SCU get a close two count on Cassidy.  Mark Quinn Amazing top rope frankensteiner into a cutter by Private Party that leads to an almost three until broken up by Scorpio Sky. BFs go after Cassidy BFs hit the Strong Zero for the win.

WINNERS: The Best Friends

Post match, Dark Order comes on the big screen before making their presence known ringside with the lights going out temporarily. They disappear without any attacks.

MATCH REACTION: Private Party are gonna be stars and that’s an easy bet after this match. Very fun opener. I don’t know about this Dark Order stuff, though. Not big brand level at this point.

Backstage to The Bucks. Matt & Nick talk about how they’re bleeding money. They cover all the lack of perks and stuff at Fyter Fest.

Leva Bates and Peter Avalon show up to trash comics and manga in the name of books until Allie shows up to face Leva in singles competition. “This gimmick sucks” is loudly overheard during the segment.

Allie vs. Leva Bates

Allie wrenches the shushing finger of Leva Bates as Allie brings her to thee ground and stomps Leva’s hand which causes her to go for a powder. Brandi is watching backstage (in front of the TV, which commentator humorously notes). Cossbody by Allie, rolls her into a crucifix for two. Avalon grabs the leg of Allie which causes Bates to dropkick out of the ring. Leva works on Allie in the ring with a fisherman buster. Nothern lights suplex by Bates, but only good for two. “Hooked on Phonics” chant breaks out. Leva does an impressive roll through into a crossface as she “shushes” Allie. Allie gets an upperhand in the corner, but Allie drives the knees into her in the opposite corner. Hanging neckbreaker by Allie. Allie delivers two back elbows to Leva in the corner before delivering a sliding strike into the bottom corner. Neat sequence.  Two count. Bates eventually hits a backstabber but then a pedigree center ring. Only two however. Leva attempts again but another kick out. Avalon interferes, tosses a book to ALLIE in treacherous form and she hits her superkick BSE for the win.


MATCH REACTION: The story and action in this match was very good and engaging. Fun spots with The Librarian gimmicks going down, but this whole package came off as cringe, specifically the pre-match festivities. Leva and Allie were excellent in-ring and Avalon certainly has traction as a personality, but this Librarian thing is a little under cooked and too one-dimensional for some personalities with layers.

Kenny is backstage trying to prepare for music acts but Brandon Cutler shows up to tell him that “Blink One Hundred and 82” have cancelled. Kenny is despondent as we cut to an empty band set-up. The plans for Fyter Fest aren’t going swimmingly.

Michael Nakazawa vs. Alex Jebailey

Michael Nakazawa calls Jebailey a creepo. He says CEO sucks and says EVO is better. Nakazawa goes after Alex’s hurt left leg. Jebailey hip tosses and body slams Nak. CEO chant breaks out. Nakazawa escapes Alex’s clutches with oil and everybody slips including Bryce Remsberg the ref. Match goes to the outside Alex has a joystick board and hits Nak with it for a two count. Jebailey begins drowning Nak in the kiddie pool. Jebailey bodyslams Nak into the kiddie pool for a “Holy Shit” chant to break out. Alex chucks a controller in the ring before setting up a table on the outside. Nak starts strangling Alex with the chord of a controller. Nak bites AJ on the forehead before spearing him through the table onto the outside. Nak rolls him in and takes the thong off for the claw attempt but AJ hits a German suplex.  He’s got a bag and dumps out arcade push buttons in the ring. Nak gets back body dropped onto them. AJ goes on the attack  with a kendo. Nakazawa got the thong claw onto Remsburg that stunned him. AJ rolls him up for a visual three count, but Nak takes his thong on AJ’s face for the actual 1-2-3.

WINNER: Michael Nakazawa

MATCH REACTION: I like Nakazawa on the mic, but the oil, thongs and gaming CEO playing fantasy camp just was something unfit for a top company show. Fun spots and comedy were on display, but you don’t want some of this stuff come early October.

Jim Ross comes out to ready for the main show.


Christopher Daniels vs. CIMA

Daniels and CIMA kick off the show. Few minutes in, Daniels hits an Arabian moonsault and transitions it into a crossface. CIMA kicks out of Angel’s Wings. CIMA delivers an impressive Liger Bomb, and hits a Michinoku Driver for two. Crowd into this. Hits a white noise and then a diving knee drop for the win.


MATCH REACTION: Quick, but good. CIMA will be someone to keep tabs on and Daniels was sure to elevate this veteran and prime him for Omega at FFF.

Riho vs. Nyla Rose vs. Yuka Sakazaki

Crowd starts off being really into Yuka. Nyla goes on attack quick as Riho and Yuka try to work together but is thwarted. Double drop kicks before Nyla double body slams them and splashes both of them before the two kick out in impressive form. Nyla double suplexes. Double camel clutch on the two. Bearhug on the Yuka before suplexing Riho. Hurricanrana to Nyla onto the outside. She dives onto both from the top rope outside. Crowd very behind Yuka. Missle dropkick to Riho in ring. Riho hits a knee strike on Nyla. 619 on Nyla before being neutralized. Riho and Yuka go back in forth. Yuka tries slugging Nyla but no dice, she gets the upperhand. She taunts the crowd as Yuka goes for a lariat and Nyla catches her with the side effect. Arrogant pin by Nyla only leads to two. Nyla climbs up top as Riho is hanging on the ropes to hit a diving knee on Riho – extremely impressive. Doesn’t go for a cover. Drags Riho over to the corner and climbs up top again. Yuka tries to fight Nyla but efforts are thwarted. Missed senton. Riho goes up top as Nyla gets to her feet. Goes for a crossbody but caught by Nyla. She also catches Yuka. Crowd pops as the two turn it into a pin attempt. Ten minutes remaining in the match. Yuka goes for her Magical Girl Splash but Riho gets the knees up. Nyla hits a Beast Bomb on Yuka but Riho makes the save. Nyla delivers a DVD while crowd chants “This is awesome.” Riho kicks out of pin attempt. Nyla goes for a Beast Bomb but Riho reverses it for a leg hook win. Nyla is quite upset and attacks Riho, but Yuka makes the save post match.


MATCH REACTION: Early candidate for match of the night. Yuka is an instant star and Nyla very much showcased her talents, strength and worth to the women’s division. Extremely impressed and consider it the best women’s wrestling match of the year at the moment.

MJF vs. Jungle Boy (w/ Luchasaurus) vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Adam “Hangman” Page

Kip Sapian joins the commentary team. MJF grabs the mic upon ring entry and cuts hard on the CEO crowd. Lots and lots of wonderful zingers. He said he used to love video games and then he lost his virginity. Ring clears for Page and JB as Page delivers a mule kick to the face of JB after a wild sequence. JB does a head scissors takeover that sends Page to the outside. Page fallaway slams JB, kips ups, dives to outside onto MJF. Havoc clears Page down. MJF stops JB from a dive while in the ring. Jungle Boy went for the hanging cannonball moonsault. Crowd very behind Jungle Boy. JB powerbombs MJF for two. Tower of Doom suplex with the three competitors that clips MJF. JB hits a reverse hurricanrana on Havoc. Page and MJF eventually trade blows and MJF chop blocks Hangman down. MJF goes for a sharpshooter, but Page does his own instead. Crowd chants “tap” before MJF makes it to the ropes. MJF hits a heat seeker. Jungle Boy makes the save. MJF goes for another Heatseeker on Hangman eventually hits a Deadeye on Havoc for the W.

WINNER: Adam Page

MATCH REACTION: Everybody got their moment in the spotlight which can be tough to do considering it’s four individuals. Jungle Boy is a star and boy, so is MJF (as if you didn’t know both were going to be already). Page has shown the why and the how he’s going to be a main eventer in the industry. He and Jungle Boy have to go mono a mono. That will be a treat. Seabiscuit against the Burberry baddie, too.

Cody vs. Darby Allin

Crowd going nuts for Cody as the match starts. Darby shows his impressive quick style before Cody eventually gets frustrated and slaps him. Cody throws Darby to the outside and does push-ups. Darby gains some control with a headlock before Cody gets back in form. Cody cinches in a figure four leg lock. Darby gets to the ropes and bites the rope to channel the pain. Throws Darby out again. Cody in full control until Darby bashes Cody’s hand on the ring post. Cody turns Allin inside-out with a clothesline for a two. Cody feeds the knees into Darby. 10 minutes into the bout. Cody still favors the hand as he plays to the crowd. JR is impressed with Darby’s fortitude and toughness. Cody lifts Darby for a stalling suplex but Darby wrenches the hand before fully locking and twisting it down on the mat. Cody gets to the ropes and rolls to the outside. Darby goes to the outside onto Cody and not too long after Cody does the same to Darby. Match goes back into the ring. Darby almost gets a fall on Cody after a Yoshi Tonic. 15 minutes in the match. Cody delivers a top rope Osaka Cutter and covers Darby for a two count. Darby bites the hand of Cody while on the apron and Cody clotheslines him back in. Cody finds himself down on the apron as Darby climbs the top rope and jumps with his back to Cody, Cody moves and Darby lands flush against the apron. Darby slaps Cody in retaliation and Cody gets him down and locks him in Darby’s body bag. Disaster Kick and only a two count after getting him out of the bag. One minute remaining. Drops down to 30 as Cody whips Darby with the belt. Cody hits the Cross Rhodes as the clock counts down for the draw. Crowd wants a restart as Shawn Spears delivers a chair shot unprotected. Cody is bleeding from the back of his head. MJF and SCU come out to tend to Cody.


MATCH REACTION: I so badly wanted to christen this the match of the night and as I’m writing these reactions post-event, it still is a contender, but that chair shot – just no place for it. Not with today’s knowledge. I will say it looked like Cody was ready to take it as much as a person could and it was carefully planned out (potential un-gimmicked blood notwithstanding), but I just think of the reverberations this could have on smaller promotions wanting to get their name out there and just public perception in general. Cody and Darby already displayed amazing storytelling in that match (Cody is one of the best at doing it today, in my opinion) and I don’t see why that couldn’t have been shown differently post-match with Shawn Spears. Stuff like that just takes folks out of that memorable moment, and boy, did Cody and Allin make that in the ring tonight. Overall I don’t believe the spot will overshadow the bout, but it’s an unsettling takeaway for fans no doubt. Also, Darby will be a big name in wrestling. Hold me to that.

Lucha Bros & Laredo Kid vs. Young Bucks & Kenny Omega

Bucks and Omega come out in Street Fighter gear with the cherry on top being Justin Roberts saying “Round One: Fight!” to play up the fresh looks. Things get tense early on. Crowd pops for both teams as each get the upper hand on one another. Big pop for when Matt Jackson delivered the Locomotion onto Laredo and Rey Fenix. Kenny gets in the ring to work on Laredo. Laredo eventually climbs up top but as he dives, Kenny dropkicks Kid down. Penta blocks Kenny’s route and insults Kenny with his “No Fear” taunt. Two trade attacks. All Elite members in the ring to work on Laredo. Both teams show off their talent as Omega later snap dragon suplexes all three opponents. Some very wild spots going down at this point. Super Kick Party breaks out before the three Eliters bring triple Hadokens and then a triple powerbomb. “This is awesome” chants can be heard. Omega hits a V-Trigger knee but Fenix hits a cutter out of nowhere, Nick Jackson returns the favor on Fenix with a reverse cutter. Omega hits a Tiger Driver ’98. Two count. Ten minutes remaining. One Winged Angel for the win.

WINNERS: The Elite

MATCH REACTION: This was the match for CEO and it was a beauty. No matter how overwhelming some of the spots can get in these multi-tag matches of jaw-dropping maneuvers, these can be considered just beautiful displays of athleticism. Plus, you combine that with Street Fighter and hot tamale, do you have yourself something for everybody.

Unsanctioned Match

Joey Janela vs. Jon Moxley

Doesn’t take long for the match to go outside in the crowd. JR notes that Mox has some Terry Funk in him as Janela pulls out a table. Janela hits Mox with a fan’s prosthetic leg. He throws a chair in the ring before tossing Janela in for a body slam on top of the chair. Mox is bleeding from the top of his eyebrow. Joey gets the upper hand as Janela has him weary in the chair and Joey does a swanton towards him bu crushes the chair instead. Mox pulls out a barbed wire chair and pulls bloody cloth off it (not kidding). He stomps the chair on Janela. Crowd chants “You sick f*ck” to Mox as he takes a bow to the audience which garners a pop. Mox dives from the top rope but lands on the chair as Janela hits him flush across the back. Janela brings a table and puts it in the corner. Janela delivers a Russian leg sweep onto Mox through the table on the outside. Mox drives Janela spine first into the table in the ring. Mox pulls another table out. Then another and lines them up. Janela double flips him the bird as Mox calls him a “dumb motherf*cker.” He brings out a barbed wire board. Janela turns the tables on Mox and throws him into the board. Ladder comes into play as Mox fins himself on the two tables outside and Janela delivers a beauty of an elbow drop from the top (while it’s in the ring) onto Mox to the outside. Another barbed wire board as Janela sets it on the barricade and ring apron. Moxley hits a DDT delivers and then AA to Janela over the top rope and into the barbed board. Mox feeds knees. Mox brings in a bucket and a bag. The bag has thumb tacks. Mox takes off the boot of Janela (and the socks!), Janela avoids harm to his soles, but not for long as he gets tossed, then atomic dropped into the tacks. Janela screams in pain and asks for more. Mox literally dumps out more thumb tacks. Mox hits the Paradigm Shift onto the fresh tacks for the 1-2-3. Both men are covered in tacks and a wee bit bloody.

WINNER: Jon Moxley

Post match, Moxley exits the ring and Kenny Omega runs down to hit a V-Trigger. He puts Mox through what’s left of the table on the outside before sandwiching him between the remains and delivers a over the top stomp onto him. Kenny drags him to the band set up on the entry-way to play a little music on his body including an electric guitar to the back. The refs assist a grinning Mox onto the entryway but he shoves them off and Kenny comes running out with a trash can to further the assault. He then hits Mox with a Paradigm Shift on the trash can and exits. Mox is still grinning as we go off the air.

MATCH & OVERALL SHOW REACTION: Hardcore crazy violence is not my cup of tea most times, but this baby had some layers to it. It highlighted both the Bad Boy and Moxley as insane and thoroughly entertaining individuals that fans have and will continue to put their chips behind. Moxley makes me want to watch more and seeing this side that we didn’t get to see from him in WWE is a ride wrestling fans will want to strap into. He’s in his element, ladies and gents. Janela certainly showed his star power too and it’s good to see him in such a prominent role (I’m all for him working safer, too).

Fyter Fest was a tightly, well booked, well produced show that delivered what wrestling fans want on a platter full of complimentary variety. The pre-show stuff was either hit (tag match, Leva vs. Allie in-ring) or miss (pre-match Librarian stuff, dude from CEO in ring)  but the main card, just like Double Or Nothing, packed quite the amount of pop that got me primed for a weekly TV show. The commentary by JR, Excalibur and Goldenboy was extremely well done and the set-up of the event made the product come off unique and TNT ready.