Rey Mysterio On Passing On His Mask And Legacy To His Son, How He Can Connect With The Audience

Rey Mysterio recently spoke with Wrestlezone’s Kevin Kellam about his WWE career and his charity efforts with the Rey’s Fight For Autism campaign. During the interview, Rey spoke about seeing his son, Dominick, breaking into the wrestling business and how he’d like to pass on his legacy to his son.

Rey is looking to return to action in July, and one of his last ‘bucket list’ items is to have a chance to share the ring with his son, Dominick. Rey said he wants his son to experience the same things he has in his decorated wrestling career, and that he’d also like to pass his legacy and mask on.

“Most definitely. It cost me a lot of work and sacrifice to gain the respect of my uncle in order for him to pass on the legacy of the ‘Mysterio’ name onto me. I can’t even count how many times as a kid that I would cry, I was bleeding, I was injured, but I still worked through all of that to get back in the ring and do what I’m doing now. It cost a price to be who I am, and to be able to see my son grow up in a different style, but to see him grow outside of a professional ring and during his training stages, I see that it’s in the bloodline. For me to be able to share the ring and to have a match with him at my side, and just seeing his performance—not in the front row, but in the corner, standing next to him, waiting for him to tag me in—it’s something that once he told me he wanted to break into this business, I’ve imagined that moment ever since.”

Rey talked about connecting with the audience despite being under a mask for most of his career. From his appearance in The Luchaverse comics (available now on Comixology or Lucha Shop) to his special comic book inspired WrestleMania outfits, Rey says fans find a way to interact with him through different mediums. He says he can also communicate with the audience through the introduction of the lucha libre style and bringing it all to the main stream with the help of a platform like WWE.

“I’m fully proud of my heritage and what I represent, what I’ve been representing. Ever since I set foot in that ring as a 14 year-old kid, the sport of lucha libre itself and the traditions behind it, I’m a blessed man to be able to travel around the world demonstrating a style that grew in Mexico City. With WWE, it’s given me the platform to perform around the world demonstrating my lucha libre style, but on top of that, part of the culture behind lucha libre. The colorful outfits, the masks, the capes and all of that good stuff.”

“It’s actually a very fun part of my job. I shouldn’t say job, but it’s a fun part of what I do. To be able to start letting your mind flow, and think about what outfit is going to be next for WrestleMania. It’s also very fun to hear the response from the fans, with them telling me ‘Rey, you should do this outfit for WrestleMania’. Just to get the feedback from the fans is awesome. The way that they interact with my in-ring attire is incredible. I don’t think they do that with any of the other Superstars, but for some reason with Rey Mysterio it can happen. They are up to giving me their suggestions.”

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