The Briscoes Destroy Nick Aldis, Eli Drake Brawls With James Storm

The tag team match between The Briscoes and Nick Aldis & Eli Drake was one of the most highly anticipated of ROH Best in the World, but things got out of hand quick. While the beginning of the match featured some great wresting, the match eventually officially ended in a double countout. However, The Briscoes weren’t done just yet, and while James Storm and Eli Drake got into it on the entrance ramp, the tag team duo was able to get Aldis back into the ring.

All alone now, Aldis tried his best to fight off the Briscoes, but was absolutely beat down by the tag team, and eventually put through a table. Despite security, referees, and even Kamilla Kaine coming to the ring to try and stop things, the Briscoes were able to lay a beating on Aldis. Afterwards, Marty Scurll made his way to the ring to help a badly beaten Aldis out of the ring.

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