Jonathan Gresham Cheats In Order To Defeat Silas Young In Pure Rules Match

Jonathan Gresham and Silas Young entered their Pure Rules match at ROH Best in the World as two technicians who wanted to see who was the best pure wrestler. While the match displayed those skills, it was Gresham and a very low blow that ended up stealing the show, and the victory. In a match that had a very specific set of rules, including limiting how many rope breaks each superstar had, both Gresham and Young traded technical holds, suplex attempts, and submissions.

As the match went on, Gresham’s back began to become visibly worse, with the superstar barely ablebeginsift Young up. After both wrestlers had used up their rope breaks and gone outside of the ring, Gresham was able to land a low blow on Young while the referee wasn’t looking. After that, Gresham quickly locked in the Octopus on Young, and with no way of breaking out of it, Young was forced to tap out. The victory gave Gresham a big win over Young, and showed he was willing to do anything to come away with a win.

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