Kenny King Makes A Statement, Beats Jay Lethal

In what ended up being an instant classic of a match, Kenny King was able to overcome Jay Lethal at ROH Best in the World. The victory gave King the best-of-three series victory over Lethal, and featured a ton of incredible moments, including the end of the match where King landed a flurry of moves on Lethal for the victory.

From the start of the match, it was clear that both King and Lethal were going to give it their all. Lethal even looked at multiple times in the match that he was going to come away with the win, especially when he landed a Lethal Injection on King. Unfortunately for him, King was able to somehow kick out of the pinball, and after countering Lethal on the top rope, he landed a Lethal Injection on Lethal, and then claimed his victory by hitting Lethal with a Royal Flush.

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