Dalton Castle Says He Doesn’t Fear Rush, Dragon Lee Got ‘Dragged Into Something He Didn’t Start’

Dalton Castle recently spoke with Wrestlezone’s Kevin Kellam ahead of tonight’s Ring Of Honor Best In The World pay-per-view in Baltimore. Castle faces off with Dragon Lee on the show, and he said he reached this point because Rush dragged his brother into this position. Castle says Rush won’t learn by getting beat up, but being able to take his frustrations out another way is what will ultimately work:

“Well, unfortunately I feel like Dragon Lee is dragged into something that he didn’t start. He didn’t ask to be born into the family of Rush. Quite frankly, I didn’t ask to be thrust into a position where suddenly I am the person, the voice of reason, the man who needs to punish and teach lessons to people that break the rules. Here I am though, standing up for what’s right, and what’s right is to punish Rush in a way that’s going to hurt him not physically, because the guy’s a big, dumb idiot. That’s not going to do much damage, he smashes his head into the wall for fun. I need to get him where it hurts and emotionally and through his family, that’s the only way he’s going to learn. He’s an animal that’s made a mess and I’m going to rub his nose in it.”

How does he stay unpredictable in the wrestling business?

“You don’t put me in a box for starters. I’m adaptable. You put me somewhere that has 90 degrees, I’m going to find a way to break free. If my hands can touch two of those walls, all of these muscles—by the way, I was born with and didn’t beg for, just was given and cursed—I will break down any wall metaphorically and literally. I don’t fear Rush is the short answer there. I don’t fear him.”

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When discussing some of the other matches on the card, Castle said there’s no doubt that Matt Taven is going to keep his World Championship, pointing out one advantage Taven might hold over his opponent:

“Matt Taven. Without a doubt. I’ve been on the receiving end of his knee, it hurts. Listen, I know Jeff Cobb has a hard head but I feel like around his eye, his orbital bone, very thin, and it’s gonna crack maybe tomorrow. And that’s the advantage Matt Taven has on him.”

Castle says he hopes people are there for the World Championship bout, but noted he doesn’t have a real match presence outside of his own because he’s already prepared to give the fans all of the excitement they need for one night.

“I like that people are – hopefully people stick around to watch the World Title match, but, honestly, if everyone just watches my match, they’re gonna get their fill of excitement, and joy, and they’re gonna be happy because I am a big bright shiny star, I am a performer that I assure the audience is craving for. You’re gonna huddle around, probably watch my match, rewind it so you can see it a couple of times more, and then if you go to bed that’s fine. They can get around to watching the rest of the card. I’ve got no preference after that.”

Ring Of Honor presents Best In The World live from the UMBC Center in Baltimore and live around the world on pay-per-view. Fans can also stream the event live on HonorClub; more ordering information about the event can be found at this link.

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