Joaquin Wilde (DJZ) Talks Road to WWE, Life-Threatening Injury

In an extended version of Joaquin Wilde’s introduction from this week’s NXT, the former DJZ talks about his long road to WWE. “Before I got to NXT, I was wrestling for 14 years all over the world. Japan, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, all kinds of crazy countries.” He states that the 14 years were full of hard work and struggle all leading up to joining the NXT roster.

Joaquin goes into the near-death experience he had in Mexico less than two years ago. He states that he was preparing to attend a WWE tryout by moving to Mexico and training. “I had a match in Mexico City, I got injured in the match, and I started bleeding internally.” Doctors there had to open his abdomen, removing two liters of blood and saving his life. “When you come so close to death, you don’t want to live your life with any regrets. Yeah, I made my dream come true, I’m in WWE now, but that doesn’t mean my work is over.”

For the full clip, check out the video embedded below:

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