Seth Rollins Reacts To Paul Heyman Ruling Over RAW

Seth Rollins already made the comment that “The Bisch is back” after it was announced that both Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman have been appointed Executive Director roles on their respective shows, but Rollins is saddled with Brock Lesnar’s advocate as the ruler of WWE RAW (Vince McMahon notwithstanding). Seth quoted a comment asking if such a decision was fair for the Universal Champion and that he should possibly consider a switch to SmackDown under Bischoff’s eye and “The Architect” addressed such matters, citing Brock Lesnar as a reason for Paul not to cross him.

A) it’s not fair. B) I won’t be requesting any such switch. C) Heyman is well aware of what happens if you try and cross me. And if he isn’t, all he has to do is consult his client. Because that guy knows first hand what it’s like to take a beating from me.

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