Bully Ray: ‘The Two Biggest Thorns in Vince McMahon’s Side’ Now Sit By His Side

On Busted Open Radio today, Bully Ray expounded on WWE’s surprise hiring of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff to creative positions on RAW and Smackdown.

“The two biggest thorns in Vince McMahon’s side are now sitting right by his side. Go figure.”

Bully Ray compared Vince to a general on the battlefield who has respect for his adversaries. Despite clashing often in the days of the SmackDown Six and WWECW, Bully believes that Vince respects Paul Heyman because of what Paul has been able to accomplish. “Vince has shown over the years that he can work with guys who understand what he is trying to do.”

Bully guesses that Vince sees the rise of AEW as true competition, and so he’s preparing WWE for battle. “You’re going to put the best people in place to handle this potential competition. Who better to handle potential competition than the two guys who gave him the most competition?”

You can listen to the full clip embedded in the tweet below:

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