Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Retros Series 10 (Photos)

Today we’ll take a look at the latest WWE Retros series, Mattel WWE Retros Series 10. These are currently available on where you can SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout! This set features:

  • Diesel
  • Junkyard Dog
  • Elias
  • Matt Hardy

Mine came in the Retro Defender Cases that protect them if you decide to keep them mint, which I normally do with this series as it’s an awesome throwback to my childhood. You can also get these on Ringside if you like to keep them in the box.


Diesel is more than likely the most sought after in this set as he was supposed to come out in the Hasbro line twenty years ago but was later cancelled. Mattel made collectors extremely happy with the announcement they would be making him as it allows people to somewhat complete what never was. He comes with a QR code so you can play as him in the app game as seen on the back. Diesel features his signature sunglasses, black attire with Diesel on his chest followed by an arm slamming action sequence.

Junkyard Dog

JYD is another hole in the old WWE Hasbro line that Mattel thankfully added to the bunch. He features his signature white attire but does not come with his collar and chain unfortunately. That would’ve been cool if he did. He features a “Thump” action sequence, which is the same as previous figures where you can turn his chest one direction and it snaps back. It’s not really accurate to his signature move but I guess it’s close enough. JYD also comes with a QR code to unlock him in their app game.


Elias is my least favorite of the set only because his proportions look odd. I think his head looks too big compared to his body or his arms are too short. Something just seems off. Regardless he features his signature white muscle shirt and blue jeans as well as wrist tape. It’s too bad they didn’t put his bandana wristbands to make his figure look even better, but he does at least come with a guitar. This is the first figure in the series that comes with a weapon accessory. He has a slamming action sequence where when you lift his arms up they snap back down. With the guitar in his hand he could smash it over another figure as it does in fact break into pieces. He, too, comes with a QR code to play as him in their app game.

Matt Hardy

Lastly we have Matt Hardy. Matt pairs up well with the Jeff that released not long ago. He features his signature blonde streak in his hair followed by his crazy facial expression, white hand tape and blue pants. His pants aren’t super detailed, but for a Retro it works just fine. Matt feature a kick action sequence as well, which Mattel refers to as a leg drop apparently. He also comes with a QR code so you can unlock him in their app game.


I like this set. The Diesel and JYD really make it special for old school collectors myself as it fills in several gaps in the old Hasbro collection while Elias and Matt add some new faces to the line so to speak. My only gripe really is that something about Elias looks off but it’s still a decent figure regardless. I recommend picking them up if you enjoy this line and for sure some Defender Cases to protect them if you keep them mint like me.

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