Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Battle Packs 60 (Photos)

This week we take a look at the brand new Mattel WWE Battle Packs 60 set from! This set is one of my favorite Battle Pack sets in some time and it features:

  • Goldberg and Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks
  • The Bar: Cesaro and Sheamus

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Goldberg and Stone Cold Steve Austin

This is my favorite pack of the three in the set as I’m a big fan of Goldberg since my childhood, for obvious reasons as we share a last name, so I always get excited about new Goldberg figures. This is Goldberg’s very first Basic style figure in the Mattel WWE line, which is quite surprising. Not to mention this Battle Pack is a fantasy pack since these two never squared off from what I recall.

Anyway, Goldberg looks pretty nice as it’s a younger version of him in his WWE days. He has his brown facial hair and black/white shorts on with the Goldberg logo on it. He has his gloves, elbow pads, knee pads as well as his signature tattoo. My only gripe with Bill is that he has tall boots, which he never wore. I’m guessing Mattel was too lazy to make a new mold for him, or of course it was for budget purposes, so that’s the only disappointing thing about Goldberg.

Austin on the other hand seems to finally have a new head scan with the True FX technology. The detail on it is nice but I’m not sure if the likeness is really there. For some reason a lot of his figures just don’t seem to really look like him in my opinion. Some scans are better than others. He comes with a painted on shirt, which at least differentiates this figure from some of his others. Not to mention his wrist bands, knee pads and of course knee braces and boots with his leg tattoo somewhat hidden.

Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks

This set is pretty cool and unique as it features their attire from the Super Showdown show overseas. These are the first and probably only figures of them in this outfit, which is completely different than all their other figures, which is why I really like it.

Alexa features her all black attire with her multi-colored hair and logos while Sasha features her purple attire to go along with her purple hair. Her outfit is quite detailed as well. What’s cool about Sasha, too, is that her hair has slits for her glasses to rest on top of her head if you had glasses to put there from one of her other figures with that accessory.

Both figures lack chest articulation as they are the newer Basic style female molds, but they are still pretty awesome if you’re a fan of either of them. I recommend this set because it’s so unique compared to all their other figures.

The Bar: Cesaro and Sheamus

Lastly, this set is probably my least favorite of the three but they are still very nice for Basic figures, Cesaro especially.

Cesaro features kinesio tape along his right shoulder area and it’s quite detailed, which is pretty awesome. He also has very detailed boots and knee pads, which is quite surprising for a Basic figure. Not to mention the Sheamus and Cesaro logo on his trunks followed by “The Bar” logo on the back. His grinning head scan is pretty cool, too.

Sheamus on the other hand has what I believe is the same head scan his last Elite came with. He, too, features the Sheamus/Cesaro logo followed by “The Bar” logo on the back of his trunks among other details on his boots and wrist gauntlets.


Overall, this is one of the better lineups for this series in quite some time I feel. All the figures look pretty nice as they’re all fairly detailed than normal. From the fantasy set to the unique female set to updated Cesaro and Sheamus I’d say it’s a win for collectors. You can currently get them on Ringside if you don’t want to wait!

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