Excalibur on Working With JR, Moxley’s First AEW Match, And All Out’s World Title Main Event

All Elite Wrestling released part 2 of their exclusive interview with one-third of their broadcast team, the masked Excalibur. The questions this time around cover both Fyter Fest and All Out, AEW’s two big events in the next few months.

There are several key matches that fans are looking forward to, particularly Jon Moxley wrestling officially for the first time in the company against Joey Janella. When asked about what fans can expect from the encounter, Excalibur compared Moxley’s time in Stanford as “not riding a bicycle for eight years.” “Moxley’s first match in AEW is against someone that been living, breathing, and bleeding this style of wrestling for years. Yeah, Moxley is a top guy, but Joey Janela has changed the game.”

Fans are also excited to see who will be the first to capture AEW’s World Championship belt. Chris Jericho and Adam “Hangman” Page earned their spots in the All Out main event, but Excalibur believes that Page would look to gain more from the victory. “Chris Jericho is not just one of the best professional wrestlers ever, he’s a crossover star; a victory over Jericho would make international news. Winning the match and the title would turn Adam Page into the face of the hottest professional wrestling promotion on the planet.”

At Fyter Fest, All Out and AEW’s eventually weekly TV show on TNT, fans will get to hear the announcing skills of Jim Ross once again. When asked about what JR had told him when the two worked together at Double or Nothing, Excalibur said that he was quick to take notes.

Ahead of the broadcast, J.R. mentioned I should think about the economy of my words; why use eight words when you can say it in five? The audience is watching for the wrestling, and I have two other broadcast partners to share the ball with, each with their own comments or insights. The more efficient I can be in expressing myself, the easier it will be for the audience to understand what I’m trying to convey.

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