Total Engagement: Rollins vs. Ospreay, R-Truth, The ‘Flip Side’ To Appreciating Meltzer And Not Criticizing Russo

The latest episode of Total Engagement is now live, and host Matt Koon gets into some of the biggest topics of the week, in addition to exploring the ‘flip side’ to fan theories about various relationships in professional wrestling.

So much negativity, so much criticism… sometimes it seems like all we do is dwell on the negative. In the case of fans talking about Dave Meltzer and Vince Russo, it seems like the cool thing to do, but maybe we should appreciate these two guys, similar in many ways, and Matt makes the case why.

Also, Matt talks about this week’s Seth Rollins – Will Ospreay social media battle, the R-Truth character, and a bunch of other stuff sure to make Matt new enemies on this weeks Total Engagement!

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