205 Live Results (06/25/19): Tony Nese Takes On Akira Tozawa

Tonight’s 205 Live was the beginning of the reign of Drew Gulak, who was able to take down Tony Nese and Akira Tozawa at WWE Stomping Grounds to become the WWE Cruiserweight Champion. While Gulak celebrates his win, Nese and Tozawa will take each other on in a match to determine who will face Gulak at WWE Extreme Rules for a Cruiserweight title rematch.

Prior to the main event, however, Jack Gallagher and Mike Kanellis. After Mike and Maria taunted Gallagher last week, the British superstar clearly wanted a chance at revenge. Unfortunately for Kanellis, his penchant for arguing with the referees cost him a match, as Gallagher was able to take the victory.

With Kanellis pinning Gallagher and trying to pull his tights, the referee stopped the count. While Kanellis began arguing, it was Gallagher who was able to deliver a vicious blow to Kanellis, ending the match. After the match, Kanellis seemed visibly distraught, claiming to Maria that he was “done” and seeming to quit the show.

After Kanellis’ defeat, Humberto Carrillo made his way to the ring to take on newcomer Rob Rollenbeck. Although Carrillo seemed to be the heavy favorite in the match, Rollenbeck surprisingly held his own, getting some good shots and kicking out of multiple pinfalls. Unfortunately for him, Carrillo was too much for him, and after landing a big jump was able to walk away with a victory.

When it was time for the main event, it was Tony Nese who was finally able to walk away with a major victory. Although Akira Tozawa gave the match everything that he had, it was Nese who will be headed to WWE Extreme Rules. After trading multiple near pinfalls with each other, it was Nese who was able to land a vicious slam to Tozawa, dropping him down right on his shoulders to claim a victory.

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