Bill Apter Orchestrates An ECW Reunion In A ‘Lost’ Video, Will Ospreay ‘Little Guy’ Shirts Available

Bill Apter Orchestrates An ECW Reunion In New Video

Bill Apter caught up with Jerry Lynn, LA Smooth, Justin Credible, Sabu and “the pleasantly divorced” Shane Douglas. The ECW originals all share in some of their favorite moments and Douglas even has a very not-so-nice comment about Vince McMahon (that got bleeped out). Lynn also shares a story about confusing Johnstowns,  but still made it back for the matches. Full video is below:

“I could not find this SD Card since I taped this on the morning of WRESTLEMANIA 2019 at the “Markout at the Meadowlands” event. It turned up tonight so here’s one of the videos from that day — Jerry Lynn, Shane Douglas (bleeped out when he made a not too nice comment about Vince McMahon), Sabu, L.A Smooth, and Justin Credible. Enjoy this video of this fun group of former ECW hardcore icons!”–Bill Apter

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Will Ospreay ‘Little Guy’ Shirts Available

Quite the wild Monday Will Ospreay had, eh? Well the “Little Guy” turned his recent Twitter battle with Seth Rollins into a merch opportunity by making some tees to commemorate his new moniker: