WWE 24/7 Title Changes Hands Five Times, Winds Back On R-Truth

R-Truth interrupted a planned match between Heath Slater and Mojo Rawley as he was running away from the horde of superstars that are after the WWE 24/7 Championship. This wound up being a negative for him as Heath Slater hit his finisher and managed to pin the champion. Slater didn’t have time to celebrate as R-Truth managed to win it back after others chased him back into the ring. Cedric Alexander then hit a Lumbar Check on Truth and won his second belt inside WWE.

However, Alexander’s 24/7 title run wouldn’t be nearly as long as his cruiserweight title run as EC3 managed to pin him for it. The title changes finally stopped after Carmella distracted EC3 by literally stealing the belt, which allowed R-Truth to roll his foe up.

What a busy segment!

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