MLW Fusion Results (6/22/19): Lawlor & The Von Erichs Vs. Contra Unit

MLW Fusion Results 

Aired June 22, 2019 

Report by Colin Tessier for

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In a video package, Jimmy Havoc and Salina de la Renta bid adieu to Sami Callihan.

Rich Bocchini and Jim Cornette welcome viewers to the show and preview the lineup.

MLW World Middleweight Champion Teddy Hart vs. Richard Holliday

MJF joins the commentators at ringside. Hart confronts MJF before the match but Holliday attacks the champion from behind. MJF and Holliday gang up on Hart before the match has even begun. The duo poses with the MLW World Tag Team Championship and steals it. The match won’t be happening tonight.

Match ends in no contest

A video package recaps last week’s main event between Sami Callihan and Mance Warner. In a taped segment, Warner says he’s a fighter. He targets Salina and her “boys” and says he’s coming for them. He describes his plans for each of Salina’s allies and Salina herself.

Jordan Oliver vs. Isaias Velazquez 

Oliver calls himself the top prospect in wrestling. Velazquez uses his speed to catch Oliver by surprise and both men dropkick each other. Oliver hits a springboard cutter to seize the momentum. A series of punches grounds Velazquez but the high-flyer kicks Oliver a few times. Another kick drops Oliver and Velazquez plants Oliver with a springboard crossbody.

A slingshot stunner and a diving cutter earns Oliver the win.

Winner: Jordan Oliver

A video package recaps the hype surrounding the Von Erichs. Another package previews MLW’s upcoming shows.

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A video package recaps Flamita’s victory over Rey Horus. Another one shows Low Ki’s triumph over Ricky Martinez.

Low Ki vs. Tom Coffey

Seconds after the match begins, Low Ki floors Coffey with a running lariat/elbow and knocks him out for a quick victory.

Winner: Low Ki

Backstage, Low Ki says MLW hosts the best wrestlers in the world. He says he’s creating history. He targets CONTRA and says he knows Fatu’s family quite well. Low Ki says he’s coming for them; they’re in the sights of the Professional.

In a taped segment, CONTRA responds to Lawlor’s challenge. Simon Gotch calls himself hellfire. Fatu reminds everyone what CONTRA did to the Lucha Brothers. Josef Samael says tonight’s match will be a massacre.

Bocchini talks viewers through the Kings of Colosseum Control Center and recaps the feud between MLW World Heavyweight Champion Tom Lawlor and CONTRA Unit.

In a taped segment, Lawlor talks about why he recruited the Von Erichs into his battle with CONTRA.

Unsanctioned Tornado Tag Team Match: MLW World Heavyweight Champion Tom Lawlor and the Von Erichs vs. CONTRA Unit

Simon Gotch argues with a fan before the match. Lawlor attacks CONTRA from behind and the Von Erichs make their way to the ring. The match is underway. The MLW newcomers attack Gotch and Samael with simultaneous Iron Claws. Fatu clears the rings. Fatu trades blows with Marshall Von Erich. Samael stomps on hm and CONTRA Unit seizes control. Lawlor tries to choke Fatu out and both men tumble out of the ring.

Gotch breaks up the hold while Samael dominates Marshall. A suplex plants Samael. Ross and Marhsall Von Erich dropkick Fatu out of the ring. Lawlor keeps brawling with Fatu and throws a drink at him. The big man suplexes Lawlor onto the apron twice. Samael and Gotch tape Lawlor to the ring post. Marshall gets a chair shot to the back. A referee cuts Lawlor loose and the champion leaves ringside. Fatu hits a moonsault on both Von Erichs. Lawlor comes back and smashes a board over Fatu’s head. He low blows Fatu and the Von Erichs plant Gotch with a Claw Slam for the win.

Winners: MLW World Heavyweight Champion Tom Lawlor and the Von Erichs

The brawl continues after the match and officials struggle to break it up. The Von Erichs stand tall amidst the chaos. CONTRA Unit attacks the officials, including a producer who is already injured. The Von Erichs and Lawlor keep fighting the violent trio. Fatu slams a referee through a table and Samael hits the official with a chair.

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