WWE RAW Results (6/24/19)

WWE RAW ResultsWWE RAW Results 

June 24, 2019

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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In Ring Segment: Seth Rollins

Before Rollins can speak, Becky Lynch interrupts. Rollins tells Lynch she kinda interrupted him. Rollins says he has to give Baron Corbin credit. Corbin picked the perfect referee. The thing Corbin wasn’t smart enough to realize that Rollins has the best back up on the planet. Lynch says you might say it pays to be the man’s man. They both proved last night why they are the champions of their divisions. Corbin’s music hits. Lacey Evans attacks Lynch from behind. Rollins tries to pull Lynch off of Evans but Lynch pushes Rollins away and leaps on Evans. Corbin runs down to the ring and eats a sling blade. Corbin and Evans make fun of Rollins because Lynch is the man in the relationship. Corbin and Evans challenge Lynch and Rollins to a tag match at Extreme Rules. Lynch says yes, under one condition: if Evans and Corbin lose neither of them will get another shot at either title. Corbin one-ups Lynch and says the match will be winner take all. Both titles will be on the line.

Elimination Eight Man Tag Match: The Revival, Daniel Bryan, and Rowan vs. The Usos and The New Day

Bryan and Dawson argue about who is going to start the match. Dawson locks up with Woods. Big E. gets a blind tag and blasts Dawson with a back elbow. Big E. and Woods hit a splash/leg drop counter. Rowan tags in and clotheslines Big E. Rowan uranage suplexes Big E. Woods and Bryan are in. Bryan lands a clothesline. Bryan clotheslines Woods over the top rope. Bryan tries a suicide dive but Bryan accidentally hits Dawson. Bryan lands a missile dropkick on Woods. Bryan rolls up Woods. Woods kicks out and Bryan runs into a stiff elbow by Wilder. Woods rolls up Bryan for the pin.

Daniel Bryan and Rowan have been eliminated.

In a quick turn around, Dawson and Wilder Shatter Machine Woods for the pin.

The New Day has been eliminated.

After the break, Jimmy and Jey both dive to the outside onto the Revival. The Usos hit the G2 for a near fall. Jimmy tries a leapfrog but gets caught in a powerslam by Wilder. Jimmy tries a superkick but Wilder counter and the Revival hit a doomsday bulldog. Jimmy kicks out again. The Revival set up the superplex/splash combo. Jey gets a blind tag and takes out Wilder. Dawson superplexes Jey but Jimmy leaps off Wilder’s back and hits a splash for the win!

Winners- The Usos

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