Mick Foley Talks Crying ‘Like A Baby’ Following Ashley Massaro’s Death, Helping With Her Fundraiser

On the latest episode of Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia, Mick Foley shared the story of how he got involved with raising money for Ashley Massaro’s daughter after her unfortunate passing. While the two weren’t close when Ashley was alive, Mick had a surprising reaction to her death.

We lived in the same town, which is a rarity in the wrestling community. Most people settle in Tampa or Orlando, but we lived close by. Once she passed, I realized I never once checked in on her or asked her if she needed a ride. I just always assumed I’d see her again. So, when I heard of her death, it hit me harder than I thought it would have. I wrote in 2007 that after Owen Hart’s death, I seemed to lose friends quite regularly. As a defense mechanism, you almost turn off the emotion as it happens, you stop reacting. When I heard about Ashley, I cried like a baby. I was really wounded by it because I felt that I could have done more.

Mick goes on to talk about teaming up with the Squared Circle Sisters to help promote the GoFundMe campaign. He was fortunate enough to be at the same convention as Lisa Marie Varon, the former Victoria. One conversation between the two later, and the gears began to turn.

The full podcast also contains talk about Mick’s famous Hell in a Cell match, marking the 21st anniversary of that epic encounter. You can listen to the full conversation embedded below:

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