Kofi Kingston Retains The WWE Championship In A Steel Cage Match At WWE Stomping Grounds

Dolph Ziggler brought the fight, but Kofi Kingston ended up winning by putting his body on the line and diving through the cage door.

Ziggler saw a number of chances to escape and had an opening at the end of the match, but Kofi ended up running across the ring and diving through the door opening, hitting the floor first to win the match. Following the match, Kofi cut a promo about respecting Dolph, but he did exactly what he set out to do and he’s still WWE Champion.

Check out a full recap of the match below:


Ziggler dropkicks Kingston. Ziggler tries to leave the cage. Kingston cuts him off. Ziggler tries to slingshot Kingston into the cage. Kingston holds onto the cage. Ziggler pulls Kingston off and almost lands a superkick. Kingston charges into the corner. Ziggler launches Kingston into the cage. Ziggler grinds Kingston’s face into the cage. Ziggler neck breakers Kingston. Ziggler tosses Kingston into the cage. Kingston fires up and lands a few strikes. Ziggler whips Kingston into the cage, face first. Ziggler stands Kingston up in the corner and slaps him in the face. Kingston sends Ziggler into the cage. Ziggler tries the fameasser. Kingston counter and sends Ziggler into the cage support beam. Kingston tries to climb the cage. Ziggler cuts Kingston off. Ziggler and Kingston fight on the top rope. Kingston knocks Ziggler off the top rope. Kingston dives off the top and hits a crossbody for a near fall. Kingston climbs again.

Ziggler grabs Kingston’s legs. Ziggler pulls Kingston back into the ring. Ziggler almost climbs out of the cage. Kingston leaps to the top. Kingston and Ziggler are both almost out of the cage. Ziggler and Kingston both fall back into the ring. Ziggler and Kingston trade punches. Kingston crushes Ziggler with the SOS. Ziggler somehow kicks out. Ziggler takes out Kingston’s knee. Ziggler puts Kingston in a kneebar. Kingston escapes. Ziggler Superkicks Kingston. Kingston almost falls through the cage door. Ziggler grabs Kingston by the leg and puts him back in the kneebar. Kingston tries Trouble in Paradise but Ziggler picks Kingston ankle and slaps on the kneebar again. Kingston reverses it into an ankle lock. Ziggler turns it into the ZigZag. Kingston kicks out! Ziggler almost gets his feet out of the cage. Kingston pulls Ziggler back in. Ziggler counters a back suplex and almost crawls out of the cage again. Ziggler pokes Kingston in the eye. As Ziggler crawls out of the cage, Kingston suicide dives through the ropes out the door for the win.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston!

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