Tommy Dreamer Working Hurt, WWE Lists World Champions Who Had To Wait

Tommy Dreamer Working Hurt

In a post on his Facebook page, ECW Legend Tommy Dreamer reveals that he’s been working hurt ever since a May 3 IMPACT match with Rob Van Dam. The full post is copied below.

Some things you dont know after a move or match

Rob Van Dam hit me so hard w/his splash his jaw went into my bicep/pec/shoulder

He hurt his jaw & probably suffered another slight concussion

My ribs hurt every time I took a breath for 1 week

My bicep STILL has a lump in it

My arm/shoulder still has little too no mobility

I started physical therapy due to the pain, this week they say I probably tore my labrum or rotator cuff

We both wrestled the next night in the Main Event

This occurred on May 3

I have wrestled 17 times since

13 Main Events

It hurts every time I get in & out of a car

Every time I’m on a plane someone bumps into me, carrying a suitcase,putting my shirt on and simple tasks

My only regret is I havent worked out since because I can’t and my weight is getting up there which bothers me personally.

This is just my story, every wrestler has one of their own.

Just educating everyone the life of a wrestler

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WWE Lists World Champions Who Had To Wait

In the latest edition of WWE List This!, WWE goes through five WWE Champions who had a long road to the main event. Included on the list is current titleholder Kofi Kingston, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, and Sgt. Slaughter.