Nikki Bella Reveals Brain Cyst Is Benign, Confirms In-Ring Retirement

Former WWE star Nikki Bella recently spoke to TMZ Sports on a number of topics, including her retirement from in-ring competition. Bella discussed the disappointment of ending her career so early, how she reacted to finding out she had a cyst on her brain, and still holding out for a miracle that she gets cleared to wrestle again.

Here are the highlights:

Being forced to retire due to injuries:

I know, I mean – people don’t see me competing in the ring and they never understand why, but it’s cause I can’t compete. Brie and I, we really wanted to go back for the Tag Titles and be a part of the Women’s Tag Team Division. It’s such a cool time for women in WWE, but unfortunately because of my neck, and they found a cyst in my brain, which, thank God, it’s benign.

Finding out she had a cyst on her brain:

It’s super scary, of course. It’s something you’re never gonna hear. But I’m so grateful, I’m grateful for my health, I’m grateful it’s benign. It’s something you have to watch out for the rest of your life. You never know how it can change, but I’m definitely grateful because I know people go through worse. But it was really scary. It also sucks at the same time because it keeps me out of the ring. Go to your doctors, get checked up, get your blood taken. I know it can be scary but you need to know what’s wrong with you. And trust your gut! If you don’t feel right, go get it handled.

Holding out for a miracle:

Hey, I believe in miracles. So you never know. I do believe in miracles. I mean, we’ll see what the man upstairs has in store for me. But, no, I am retired from the ring.

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