Lilian Garcia on Long Lasting WWE Memories, Attending WrestleMania 35

Talking with Sporting News, Lillian Garcia recalled her long stretch of announcing with WWE. She currently works with PFL, an upstart MMA league that has a partnership with ESPN. When asked about her longest lasting memories from her time in Vince McMahon’s company, she immediately thought of WrestleMania. “Whether I was introducing some of these amazing Superstars to the ring and seeing them work all year long to be on the WrestleMania card was just … that’s etched in my mind because I saw their journey for an entire year and then, getting to see they’re there.”

She also recalls singing the national anthem on the show immediately following 9/11. As other sports were canceling shows, WWE kept going, and Lillian felt moved to be a focal point of the show considering her history as an army brat.

Lillian still performs with WWE on occasion, including at this past WrestleMania announcing the Women’s Battle Royale. When asked about the main event for both Women’s Championships, she stated that she stayed behind to take in the encounter at ringside. “When Becky and Charlotte and Ronda went to the ring, I snuck out there and watched it from the corner, so that I could really experience all of the fans and the music and the whole energy of it that night. I had tears streaming down my face because what an amazing feat at 35 years to finally have that moment of (women) main-eventing WrestleMania.”

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