Updated List Of WWE 24/7 Championship Reigns

Updated List Of WWE 24/7 Championship Reigns

(Champion and date won, as well stipulation / site won)

Titus O’Neil – May 20

– Inaugural Champion

Robert Roode – May 20

– pinned by Roode on the ramp

R-Truth – May 20

– pinned Roode in the parking lot

Elias – May 28

R-Truth – May 28

Jinder Mahal – June 2

– the ‘match’ took place on a golf course

R-Truth – June 2

– Truth won it right back on the golf course

Elias – June 4

– Elias won a 24/7 Lumberjack match

R-Truth – June 4

– Truth pinned Elias under the ring

Jinder Mahal – June 6

– Jinder pinned Truth on an airport runway

R-Truth – June 6

– Truth found Jinder sleeping on the plane, and pinned him in his seat

Drake Maverick – June 18

– Drake pinned Truth in the parking lot on SmackDown

R-Truth – June 20

– Truth pinned Maverick at Maverick’s own wedding (aired on WWE social media on 6/21)

Heath Slater – June 24

R-Truth – June 24

Cedric Alexander – June 24

EC3 – June 24

R-Truth – June 24

  • R-Truth ended the night with the title but he lost it initially to Slater, who pinned him after a neckbreaker. Truth beat Slater for the title, but Alexander then pinned him after a Lumbar Check, followed by EC3 winning after hitting the One Percenter. Truth then finally regained the title after Carmella caused a distraction by taking the title, and Truth rolled up EC3 to become an eight time 24/7 Champion.

Drake Maverick – July 1

  • Maverick was with his wife talking about going on their honeymoon before she said she needed to freshen up. She left, and Truth came out of hiding after a group chasing him ran by. Drake said he’s done with the title chase and wants to go on his honeymoon, but ended up blindsiding Truth by hitting him with his suitcase and pinned him.

R-Truth – July 15

– Truth ended up interrupting Drake Maverick and Renee Michelle’s honeymoon celebration, sending in a referee as a bellhop before rolling Drake up and running off.

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