Daniel Bryan Done Being A Full-Time Wrestler After WWE Deal Is Up, Wants To Leave A Positive Impact On World

Daniel Bryan appeared on Jimmy Jacobs’ podcast to review the self-help book “The 5AM Club.” During the show (around the 45-minute mark), Bryan begins to talk about his life after wrestling. While he doesn’t plan to retire any time soon, he will be done being a full-time wrestler sooner rather than later.

“That’s the journey I’m on right now, I’m looking in a couple years when I’m no longer a full-time wrestler,” said Bryan. “I’ll always wrestle a little bit because I love doing it. After my contract is up, I don’t want to be a full-time wrestler anymore. So, diving into [climate change and other issues] has been really important.”

Bryan explained that he wants to leave a positive impact on the world and that he’ll continue to use his platform responsibly once he moves to wrestling part-time. However, he doesn’t plan on leaving the sport at all. He wants to wrestle for the rest of his life.

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