WrestleZone Daily Podcast EXCLUSIVE: Rey Mysterio On Fighting Autism & His WWE Future

Photo by Mike Pont/WireImage

Rey Mysterio is one of the greatest underdogs in professional wrestling and sports entertainment. Fighting his way from the underground and wrestling as a second generation performer, enduring countless injuries, and he has gone all the way to top of the business. He is widely considered the greatest lucha libre wrestler of all time. The living legend Mysterio is taking on a new challenge this month and it goes beyond the ring. Mysterio has launched WINWITHREY.COM, a fundraising effort to bring awareness for Autism. In a press release, the former WWE Champion described why the cause means so much to him.  “During my career, I have met many autistic children and their families. I’ve been deeply moved by the stories of the challenges that autism presents but heartened by the joy that wrestling brings them and in particular, Rey Mysterio.” said the luchador.

WrestleZone conducted a special in-depth interview today with Mysterio where he discussed the efforts with #ReysFight4Autism and some topics that his millions of fans around the world are interested to hear about:

  • Mysterio’s ability to conqueror multiple serious injuries
  • When could Mysterio could be ready to return in-ring action for WWE following his recent injury at hands of Samoa Joe?
  • How the former champion wants to end his lengthy career in a meaningful way in the future
  • Who does Mysterio want to face in potential fresh dream matches?
  • With fans in fever over the upcoming TV launch of AEW, how will the WWE locker room respond?

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WrestleZone was fortunate enough to catch up with Greatest Mask of All Time to talk about WinwithRey.com, his return to WWE, how he hopes to end his prolific career with his family, and how the WWE locker room could respond from potential competition. This can-not-miss recorded interview will debut today on the WZ Daily live stream below at 5pm CST with host Kevin Kellam breaking down the big wrestling news of the day. Scroll down to watch or listen to the interview!