Powerslam TV Update For Week Of 6/17 – New Content From PROGRESS Wrestling, OTT Ireland, Smash Wrestling & More

PowerslamTV has added a ton of new content to their library this week (including this week’s announcement that Progress Wrestling is joining the lineup)—check out everything that’s been uploaded!

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Progress Wrestling (U.K.) – Chapter 89: 26th May 1988 – The 80s Cut

Davey American vs “The Baba Yaga” Idris Alexiyev

The Doctor vs Marty Fox

Wally Handford vs The Teflon Sheik

The Sheepwhacker Cousins vs Blumenfeld, Harrington-Smythe & Jones

The Kung-Fu Kid vs Johnny Swayze

“The Look” Mariah Eagan vs Candy Lauper

Dirty Daddy Overkill vs Detective Inspector Colin Klein

Over the Top Wrestling (Ireland) – “Fan Appreciation Night”

Club Tropicana vs Rough Stuff

Scotty Davis vs Curtis Murray vs Michael May

OTT Tag Team Championship: The Kings of the North vs Team Whitewolf

Luther Ward & Pa Ward vs Paul Tracey & Charlie Sterling

The Lads From The Flats & Martina vs The Gymnasties

Katey Harvey vs Raven Creed

Meiko Satomura & The Rascalz vs More Than Hype

Jordan Devlin & Sean Maxer Guinness vs CIMA & T-Hawk

Southern States Wrestling (U.S.) – Southern States Wrestling 20th Anniversary

Eddie Golden vs. Johnny Knievel (Vince Brent)

NWA All Star Title

Stan Lee (c) vs. Ricky Morton

S.S.W. TV Title

Frank Parker (c) vs. Ray Idol

S.S.W. Women’s Title

Misty James (c) vs. Miss X

S.S.W. Tag Titles

Steve Flynn and Dan Coasta w/ Starr vs. Bulldog Mac and Iron Cross

Frank Parker, Danial Mulligan and Chris Richards vs. Beau James, Josh Crawford and Tony Givens w/ Scotty Ace

20th Anniversary Cyclone Stampede

Melbourne City Wrestling (Australia) – MCW Vendetta

MCW Heavyweight Championship

Gino Gambino (w/ Sebastian Walker) vs. Mike Burr

MCW Intercommonwealth Championship

Slex vs. Rat Daddy

No Holds Barred

Ritchie Taylor vs. Jimmy Havoc

MCW Tag Team Championship

The Brat Pack vs. The Loose & The Wreckless vs. Sexrock

Shazza McKenzie vs. Avary

Tarlee vs. Indi Hartwell

Air Force Three

Robbie Eagles vs. Jett vs. Tyson

Whitewolf Wrestling A.K.A. La Triple W (Spain) – Top 1 

Street Guerrilla vs Memphis MAfia – Semifinals Triple W Tag Team Tournament

Hades vs Joey FoxXx

Némesis vs Supergrupo – Semifinals Triple W Tag Team Tournament

Tavares vs Noah Striker vs Ruky vs Yunke – Top 1 Ladder Match

Júpiter vs Padre Paolo – Triple W Championship Match

Smash Wrestling (Canada) – Smash Wrestling – Episode 99

The Northern Tournament Round One

Harley Race’s World League Wrestling (U.S.) – WLW TV | Season 3 Episode 35

On this full-length episode of WLW-TV, you’ll see DaMarius Jones 2.0 challenge for the WLW Jr. Heavyweight Championship at WLW’s Night of Champions 4 against Jayden Dominic Rose. In addition to that, Gil Rogers makes his WLW debut against “The Attraction” Austin Cravens!

North Wrestling NCL (U.K.) – Let The Cannons Fly 2

St. Paddy’s Day Massacre Qualifying Rumble Match

Marc Mathers vs. Screwface

AJ Istria vs. Mark Davis

El Phantasmo vs. Kyle Fletcher

NORTH Title St. Paddy’s Day Massacre Match

Rory Coyle (c) vs. Amir Jordan vs. Chris Brookes vs. ??????? vs. Gabriel Kidd vs. HT Drake vs. Jack Jester vs. Little Miss Roxxy


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Fans can get a FREE MONTH of Powerslam by using the code WRESTLEZONE at sign up; Powerslam now features more than 5,000 hours of wrestling content from the top independent promotions around the world!