Total Engagement: Benefits Of NJPW / ROH Relationship, AEW/ Meltzer, New Russo Show Direction

The latest episode of Total Engagement is now live, and host Matt Koon gets into some of the biggest topics of the week, in addition to some other fan theories about various relationships in professional wrestling.

This week, Matt decided to lean in on his title of “most hated man in wrestling podcasting” by saying truths that needed to be said, and is probably not making any friends in the process. Is Dave Meltzer a consultant for AEW? (according to Meltzer, he isn’t… but he is), how successful will the new direction of the Russo show be with Matt gone? and how beneficial is the ROH relationship to NJPW, and what is the fallout from the wasted opportunity of the MSG show?

This week Matt makes some enemies, and takes names, it is Total Engagement!

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