Alexa Bliss Takes Out Bayley With Help From Nikki Cross After Heated Exchange

After continuing to attempt to antagonize Bayley throughout the weeks, Alexa Bliss once again took SmackDown Live with another episode of A Moment of Bliss. This time, however, Bayley immediately came out, attempting to convince Nikki Cross that Bliss was just using her, before challenging the superstar to a fight.

From there, Bliss aired out her grievances with Bayley, noting that she felt that Bayley never respected her. According to Bliss, Bayley is a “placeholder” and has no place as the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion. After the back-and-forth, Bayley attacked Bliss, and was quickly pulled off by Cross. After arguing briefly, Bliss attacked Bayley from behind, knocking her down before leaving with Cross.

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