Davey Boy Smith Jr On His Dad And Owen Hart Ribbing Lex Luger In The Ring, Pranking The Elderly

Davey Boy Smith Jr spoke with the media after his appearance at the ‘Remembering Owen’ panel at Starrcast with Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler and Mark Henry.

Davey Jr talked about some of the memories he had of his Dad and Owen on the road together, and he shared a few stories about how they’d rib unsuspecting elderly people in crosswalks, with one even reacting to their prank in a surprising way:

“So I heard stories when they would be traveling, driving, and they’d be pulling up to a school zone or a stop sign. There’d be an old man walking with his walker, Davey would be driving and he’d stop, but Owen would just honk the horn as long as he could. Davey would just yell over at Owen.

They said one time an old man just looked over and [gave them the middle finger] and was walking towards Davey. I think he had put the car in park and then Owen had [switched the transmission into] reverse, so when [Davey] went to press on the gas, he ended up going backwards. Then Owen goes, ‘Oh Dave, don’t worry. If that old man had gone after you, I would have pulled him off of you!’”

Davey added that Lex Luger was a target of the duo’s pranks as well, sharing another story about how Bulldog and Owen would mess with Luger in the ring during one of their tag team feuds.

“I’d hear stories about when they’d be overseas and it’d be the [team of Lex Luger and Davey Boy Smith as] the Allied Powers against Yokozuna and Owen Hart. Lex Luger, they’d do a thing where he’d do a gorilla press slam, and when he would go to press Owen, he’d clamp his hands around [Lex’s] triceps so he wouldn’t be able to get the full extension. He’d slam him and then he’d tag out, and Davey would shoot Owen up and do about ten presses to Lex and then [slam him down] and do a flex at Lex. I think Lex at first thought it was maybe—Owen’s like ‘oh, no Lex, you’re timing just wasn’t very good tonight on that press. We’ll do it tomorrow‘—and then he’d intentionally do it again. Lex would go ‘I know you’re messing with me!’ and Owen is like ‘no Lex, it must be on you, you’re timing’s just not that good right now. I’m not sure what it is…’ I’m sure Lex would have a lot of good rib stories as well since he did a lot of tag team matches with them.”

Check out the full interview below:

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